Dietitians are health professionals that have been highly trained to be educators and lifestyle coaches. We are the only professionals that are regulated by law to assess, diagnose, and treat diet and nutrition related conditions through medical nutrition therapy (MNT), which is guided by the most updated scientific research on food, health, and disease. We support the diet and lifestyle changes of both healthy and sick people, such as making healthy food choices and maintaining an active lifestyle.

Reasons to refer a patient to a registered dietitian:
  • Many diseases and their complications and effects can be prevented or minimized with timely and effective dietary and lifestyle interventions.
  • It is cost-effective to prevent and treat diet and nutrition related diseases by medical nutrition therapy services provided by dietitians.
  • Weight management, which is a treatment that a registered dietitian is highly skilled at performing, is the key to prevent multiple diseases and reduce the burden to patients’ health.

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